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Pacific Northwest Journeys Services and Rates

We offer the following services:


Fees for our Full Itinerary Planning Service are based on the amount of time we spend planning your personal itinerary. Our hourly rate for full itinerary planning is $125, with a minimum planning fee of $495, which generally covers trips of up to a week in length with 2-3 destinations. The planning fee for a two week trip will generally run about $600-800, depending on the number of stops in your itinerary. The final product, a detailed written itinerary, will include suggestions for sightseeing and activities in each location based on your interests; if you'd like more structure, we also offer the option of adding a personalized "Suggested Daily Itinerary" to your final written itinerary, which will add about another hour of planning time per week of your trip. Your final package will also include such helpful items as maps, ferry schedules and lodging confirmations.

Because the full itinerary planning service includes reservations at our preferred hotels in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver or Victoria (at no additional charge), if your trip includes at least one stay at our preferred hotels, the savings on the hotel bookings alone will often equal or exceed the planning fee. For example, booking two rooms for your family for a three night stay at one of our favorite downtown Seattle hotels would mean total savings in excess of $600 due to our rates being over $100/night less than the hotel's regular rate.

The minimum fee is due when you return your completed Planning Questionnaire to us to start the planning process. You will be invoiced for any additional time when your final itinerary is sent to you prior to your trip.

If you’ve already planned most of your itinerary, but want a bit of extra assurance that you've made the right decisions on where to go, where to stay, etc., we now offer consultations by phone or email. The minimum fee is $75 for 30 minutes, with additional time at $30 per 15-minute increment.

Email us your proposed itinerary with as much detail about who you are and what you are looking for as possible. The more information we have about you, the better we will be able to assess whether the itinerary you've designed will meet your needs. Also, more information up front will enable us to be more efficient in advising you. We’ll contact you to set up a time for your phone consultation (or it can be done by email if that’s more convenient for you, although generally phone consultations are more time-efficient).

We offer preferred rates at our favorite hotels in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Please see our Hotel Reservation page for full details. We consistently find that our preferred rates are better than the rates available through the big online booking sites, especially during the summer months.

Whether you're looking for the perfect romantic hideway in the San Juans, a few days of sightseeing in Seattle before or after your cruise, a weekend of theater in Vancouver, or an exciting ski trip to Whistler, our weekend getaway special planning rate may be just what you need. For a fee of $225, we'll help you choose a location, find the right accommodations and write you a short detailed itinerary with suggestions for activities and restaurants. This special is limited to stays of two or three nights at one destination; for longer trips, our regular minimum planning fee applies.

Our fees are nonrefundable once your final itinerary has been completed. If you need to cancel your trip before we have finished work on your final itinerary, we will refund our minimum fee, minus the fees for time already spent working on your trip.

Cancellation policies for the accommodations we book for you will vary. We will advise you of these cancellation policies in your final itinerary. Once reservations have been made, you are responsible for cancelling any accommodations booked for you (in most cases, payment will be guaranteed by your credit card). If you would like us to take care of cancellations for you, we would be happy to assist you at our applicable hourly rate. We strongly suggest that you consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.

"You saved us a tremendous amount of booking and looking time. Your choices were more informed than the guidebook’s. Every inn, lodge and hotel was a treat. I would never have found Mazama in a million years!"

Warren Leight
New York, NY

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