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Reservation Service Offering Great Hotel Rates in West Coast Cities

As specialists in the Pacific Northwest region and the California Coast, we have negotiated preferred rates at some of the very best hotels in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco and Los Angeles, which we are pleased to extend to our clients. Our full itinerary planning clients receive this valuable service at no additional charge.

If you'd prefer to plan your own trip and are just looking for hotel reservations, we can still help you save money. We charge a $59 booking fee for each stand-alone hotel booking, but because our rates are so much lower than high season rack rates, you'll save much more, especially if you're staying for more than one night. For example, one of our favorite boutique hotels in Seattle usually offers rates in the mid to high $300s during the summer months; our rate is under $300.

We don't have preferred rates at every hotel in Seattle and other West Coast cities, just the handful we consider to be the best for our clients. Our rates are usually available even if there's only one room left (unlike many other hotel discount programs), and because of our close relationships with our preferred hotels, we are often able to book our clients into hotels that are "sold out" to the general public.

We consistently find that our preferred rates are significantly better than the rates available through the big online booking sites, especially during the summer months. Usually our rate is about $50-75 less per night than the rates available through the hotel’s website or through the major booking sites, but we’ve seen them be more $150 less per night at times. So even with our booking fee, the savings can add up quickly, especially if you're staying for more than one night or need more than one room. For most of our preferred hotels, you pay the room charges directly to the hotel when you arrive; unlike some online booking sites, no prepayment is required (other than our booking fee), and the normal cancellation policy applies (usually 24 hours). Please note: since our rates aren't offered "online" they don't count for purposes of the best or low rate guarantees on such sites.

Call or email us to discuss your lodging preferences and budget. We will help you choose the right hotel for you from our list of preferred accommodations (and yes, we will tell you the names of our preferred hotels by phone or email, we just can't "advertise" them online!). Yes, it takes a bit more effort to book with us than to use an online booking service, but you'll benefit from our local, first-hand knowledge, personalized hotel recommendations, and you'll be able to book some of the nicest hotels in cities of the Northwest and California at great rates, even in high season.

While our preferred rates are generally the lowest available, especially in the summer months, occasionally other sources are able to do better. Therefore, we encourage you to call or email us, get our rate on the hotel(s) you're interested in, then do some comparison shopping.

If you'd like a quote for a hotel room at one of our preferred hotels, give
us a call or send us an email, or complete the following form:

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Number of adults:
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How many rooms?:
Bed configuration:
  King bed (when available)
Queen bed ok if king not available
Two queens or two doubles
Pull-out couch/rollaway ok if more than two people?
Price range per room per night:

$200-250 (not generally available in the summer months or in San Francisco or Los Angeles)
over $400 or cost is less of an issue than finding the best accommodations available in each city.


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